Pets Guide på Engelsk - læs den her.

Her kan i diskutere den 4. udvidelsespakke til The Sims 2, som udkom den 19. Oktober 2006.

Pets Guide på Engelsk - læs den her.

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På EA's forum fandt jeg denne tråd, den omhandler alt i Pets og der er mange gode tip at få.

UPDATE, links fjernet fra EA
Jeg har herunder kopieret noget af Guiden:

This will be all about how to get a pet for your Sim. Of course you can create your own in Create-a-Pet but there are so many intricacies that I won;t go into that. But here is info about how pet stores work, adopting by phone or adopting strays, merging pets into your family and if you want to get rid of a pet.

6 ways to get a pet: Making one in CAP, Merging Households, Adoption by Phone, Sim-to-Sim Transfer, Adopting Strays and Pet Stores

Merging Households:
As long as you have room on the lot you can merge pets with any existing Sim household while in Neighborhood mode. Select the household from the lot bin and click any Sim house with a green PlumbBob indicating that it is occupied. Pets that come into the house this way will have random relationship scores with all household members, usually between 1-40 Daily and 1-20 Lifetime. It costs nothing to add pets to your house this way but all the pets will be purebred adult or elder aged and have no learned behaviors or commands. If you want a puppy, kitten , a pet with training or an unusual mutt, this is probably not how you want to get your Sim's pet.

NOTE: If you create a pet in CAP/CAF and put them in the family bin, they will automatically have the last name of Pets, but once merged will get the name of the family they are moving in with

Adoption by Phone
As long as you have room in the house you can adopt a new pet by calling on the Pet Adoption Service on the phone. There will be a pool of adoptable pets to choose from and they will be sorted by species and size (Large Dogs, Small Dogs, Cats) and then by price.

The Price of your pet is calculated by the following:

**Base Value: Pets with no training at all will be $399
**Reinforced behaviors: Each behavior (good or bad) can increase the price up to $350 for dogs and $390 for cats (cats are harder to train dontcha know). If the pet is only partly trained the amount will be pro-rated.
**Commands: Each command that a pet has learned can increase their cost up to $400 for dogs and $460 for cats, with partially trained pets being pro-rated

NOTE: The sex of the pet will be shown in the thumbnail with male being denoted by an arrow and female by a cross

The more completely the pet has learned a behavior or command the more you will have to cough up to buy him or her. You have to figure out if the time it takes to train the pet is worth the extra money to buy one who is already trained. Like if your Sim has high Charisma they will be able to train a pet very quickly (25% faster), and if the pet has a Genius Personality (another 25% increase in learning speed), buying an untrained pet might work for your Sim.

You can look at adoptable pet's behaviors and commands in the panels to the right of the adoption screen. The pet's Personality and the fee to adopt them will show up below.

The pets in the Adoption Pool are from several sources:
**There will always be at least two each of puppies and kittens for the base price of $399. Once they are adopted they will be replaced in the pool immediately. You will not be able to tell the breed of the young animal until it matures to adult so the breed will be a surprise!

**Random pets are put into the pool from the Create a Dog/Cat breed bin. These will also be randomly replaced by other random untrained pets.

**When you first see the pool each species will have several options of trained pets to choose from but as they are adopted out they will be replaced with random trained or untrained pets.

**When a pet is taken from a home by the Cop it will show up in the pool for adoption

Once you have picked the pet you want, the Cop will bring it to your door shortly, where it will be immediately added into the household with random relationships set. The Cop will congratulate your Sims and the fee will be deducted from the family's funds.

Sim-to-Sim Transfers
Any Sim who is teen or older can give/transfer one of their household pets to any other playable or townie Sim who is also at least teen aged. They can give the pet as a gift or sell it for Simoleans. If you want to Sell the pet you click on the other Sim and select the Sales...Pet interaction and then choose the pet you want to Sell. If the relationship between the buyer and the new pet is good enough and the buyer can afford the pet (see Adopt by Phone for price ranges), the sale will take place right away. If the buyer does not accept the sale they will show a negative Simolean sign to show that the price is too high.

You can also give a pet to someone for free with the Propose..Give Pet interaction. Select the pet you want to give them and depending upon the recipients relationship with the pet they will decide if they want to accept it or not. Once the transfer goes through the pet will be gone from your Sim's household panel, but it will stay on the lot until it's new owner leaves. All prior household relationships that the departing pet has will remain, except for the Pack and Master designations.

TIP: Your Sims can still make money selling pets even if you do not own Open for Business or you want to sell pets from a home business. Pets that you get for free through Create-a-Pet that are merged into your household or abandoned strays, can be sold to other Sims at a 100% profit. The only way to make money selling purchased pets is if your Sim takes the time to train them more than they were when they were bought. So a Sim with a high Charisma skill (or a werewolf) might be able to train pets fast enough to make a good living selling highly trained pets.

NOTE: If the buyer is a Townie, they have unlimited funds and will never reject a pet sale due to lack of funds.

PET STORES Pet stores can sell purebred, untrained pets to your playable Sims

Don't worry about the pet you see in the display case, you will get to select your pet with a mini version of the Create-a-Pet mode. It will let you choose and design your pet with one major difference: you cannot select a collar. You will have to go to a store that sells collars to get one, then put it on your pet using the Change Appearance feature on a mirror. Fur accessories and coat shape (dogs only) cannot be added when buying a pet this way.

All the pets in a Community store have a base price of $399. If your playable Sim owns the store (must have OFB) the price can be changed depending on the price level that the business owner has selected.

Once you are done customizing your pet, click the checkmark and your Sim wil lbe charged for the sale amount automatically without having to wait at a cash register (yay!). Once purchased your Sim and their new pet can stay on the lot as long as they like and will leave together.

NOTE: If you have Open for Business installed your Sim business owner can use the new Pet Display object to sell pets. Collars and caged pets can be sold as well.

Your Sim can befriend a stray and if the relationship is high enough, the stray can be adopted into your household. Once a Daily or Lifetime score of 60 or more has been reached by the stray with a Sim on the lot, the Adopt interacion will appear. If the interaction is available the stray will always accept it.

There are two kinds of strays:
Unowned Strays: These are randomly chosen pets and they may have behaviors, commands or collars. The stray will not have any Master or Mine relationships with anyone. Once one of these strays is adopted a new one will be randomly generated to replace it.

Owned Runaway Pets: Three days after a pet runs away from it's home lot, it will become available in the stray pooluntil the owner claims it. These strays will often have a Mine or Master relationship with another Sim and when they are adopted they will not be replaced in the stray pool.

NOTE: Kittens and puppies will never be strays, only adults and elders can be in the stray pool.

Stray Visits: Stray pets will come on your lot in a way much like Townies do, but their are rules that dictate how often they show up and the length of their stay. Strays are set to stay on the lot for a certain amount of time (unless they are forced to leave earlier), and the time is based on their Lifetime Relationship with any Sim on that lot. The higher their Lifetime score is with one of the household Sim's the longer they will remain on the lot.
Strays will leave if the visit time expires, it loses too many Daily Relationship points with Sims and/or pets in the household, its Needs get too low or it experiences the things that will make a regular owned pet run away.

Visit Frequency: The higher a stray's lifetime Relationship with household Sims is, the more often it will drop by to visit. Whether or not the stray was fed the last time it came over will also determine if it returns, even if there is not a high relationship.

NOTE: Strays do not need to be greeted to use outdoor objects on the lot, but they cannot come in the house unless they are greeted. They also will not scratch or chew anything, turn over the garbage can, or initiate any interactions with pets or Sims on the lot unless they are greeted first. But if their Needs call for it, they will use any outdoor objects necessary.

Dealing with Strays: There are restrictions to what you can do with stray animals. Even if the stray knows many commands the only one your Sims can use on them is the Call Over command, and only if they previously learned it. However, strays will sometimes autonomously perform a command that it already knows. Sims can also Chase Off a stray causing it to flee the lot right away, but their Daily Relationship score will suffer. You cannot praise or scold a stray in any way.

TIP: Fencing in a stray is not a good idea, even though it seems like it will help build relationship scores. If the stray cannot leave a lot the Daily Relationship with all household Sims and pets on the lot will drop by -2 each time the stray tries to leave.

Bonding: After a pet has 60 Daily or Lifetime points with a Sim the Adopt interaction will show up. A stray will always accept this Social. If the stray was a runaway it will be removed from the stray pool permanently and can never be returned to the owner.

Ways to get rid of a pet:

**Put up for adoption: Pick up the phone and select Service, Pet Adoption Service, Give Up Pet, and then choose the pets you want to give up. The Cop will come by to pick them up and they will go into the Adoption Bin where another household can adopt them by phone.

**Give away/sell to another Sim: See Sim-to-Sim transfers above

**Run away: If your pet runs away your Sims will not have to accept it back. If the runaway does not have a collar and none of the household Sims report it missing, you will never get it back. If the pet had a collar your Sim may receive a phone call asking if they want the pet returned, and if they say No it will be permanently removed from the family. If another playable Sim adopts the pet in the interim, it will not be returned either.

**Removal: If any pet's Hunger gets very low or all Sims in the household have died, the Cop will come by and remove all pets, including caged ones, from the home and they will become part of the adoption pool.

NEW MAXIS MADE FAMILIES AND LOTS By request from Fggy82, these are the new families and lots that come with Pets-I tried to describe the people and pets, but the pics are small and I am half blind! And sorry about the $'s before the prices, for some reason the BBS is no longer recognizing the Alt21 Simolean symbol.

Family Bin Families:

Crittur family (all pet family, must be merged with existing Sim family):

Danny, a large male dog (Doofus, Friendly, Lazy, Pigpen) that has learned Goes On Furniture, Eats Sim Food, Filthy, Shake and Speak. (looks like a big white dog with a curled tail)

Sarah: Large female dog (Hyper, Agressive, Pigpen) that has learned Goes on Furniture and Eats Sim Food. (looks like a big brown dog with white markings)

Roseland family:

Funds $11,337
Cyd: Adult with Knowledge Aspiration (white male with long black hair, geeky looking imo)
Porthos: Small male dog (Genius, Hyper, Friendly, Finicky) who has learned Housebroken, Eats Pet Food, Playful, Come Here and Play Dead ***NOTE: The guide says Porthos is a dog, but inthe picture that goes with it it sure looks like a cat to me?

Lot Bin Occupied Lots:

Katt family (Cozy Kitten Condo):

Bedrooms: 1
Funds: $31,993

Tara Katt: Adult with Family Aspiration (pretty normal looking for an alleged crazy cat lady, short brown hair w/ hat)
Mickey: Adult male cat (Lazy, Friendly) that has learned Housebroken, Playful, Come Here and Speak (one of the cats is calico and one is brown tabby I think)
Samantha: Adult cat (Hyper, Independent, Finicky) that has learned Disruptive, Housebroken, Eats Sim Food and Come Here
Feline: Male kitten (Hyper, Friendly) (I think this kitten is black, but the pic is really small)

Kim family (Nuclear Nest)

Bedrooms: 2
Funds: $106,758

Cynthia Kim: Adult with Popularity Aspiration (white with black hair pulled back in twist)
Robert Kim: Adult with Fortune Aspiration (white with black greser look hair)
Justin Kim: Child with Grow Up Aspiration (white w/ black hair)
Cheech: Adult male cat (Genius, Independent, Finicky), has learned Housebroken, Eats Pet Food, Respectful, Come Here and Stay (dalmation)
Gabby: Adult large female dog (Genius, Friendly) that has learned Housebroken, Eats Pet Food, Playful, Come Here, Play Dead and Stay.(looks like a black cat)

Unoccupied Lots:

Planetary Pet Store
Purchase Price: $54,528
Business Type: Shop (pets, pet supplies, caged pets and collars)

Pepe's Pets
Purchase Price: $34,473
Business Type: Shop (pets, pet supplies, caged pets and collars)

Planetary Pet Park
Purchase Price: $43,380
looks like a nice park for pets

Pettina's Pet Retreat
Ourchase Price: $31,795
looks like another pet park

Also, the guide notes that from now on houses and lots that come with specific expansions will be marked by that expansions icon and be sorted to the front of the list after custom lots, and all custom and downloaded lots will be at the front of the bin. Expansions before Pets will NOT have an icon though, but all ep's afterwards will.

This is most of the info in the guide about wolves and werewolves, paraphrased from the Prima strategy guide. And since I don't need the benes, if you want to give them, please pass them on to rosierealea who posted a bunch of wolf info already, and in a more concise fashion than I (see link at the bottom of the 3rd post for easy bene giving).

**Wolves show up on lots randomly but are more likely to pop up if you have the following:

Trees/Bushes: Every four trees/bushes you have on the lot will raise your chance of a wolf showing up by 1%

Babies/Toddlers: Having a baby or toddler on your lot will attract the wolves, but they will not be more likely to go after them and won't hurt them

Other wolves: If you have a wolf on your lot already either as a visitor or a household member, more wolves are likely to come by

**All wolves have the same Personality: Genius, Aggressive, Hyper, Pigpen, Independent

**Wolves are basically just large dogs with a few things that are different
--When getting a Master Relationship they require a Lifetime score of 85, more than a regular dog
--Pack Relationships also require the higher Lifetime score of 85
--Their Daily Relationship decay is slower than a regular dog, at 2 per day instead of 3 unless there is a Master or Pack Relationship is in place, in which case the Daily decay is the same a a dog's at 3 for Pack and 5 for Master
--Wolves can do damage to your yard without being greeted, where a dog must be greeted first. This includes eating flowers, digging holes, knocking down trash cans etc.

NOTE: If you have a werewolf Sim on your lot you can have the werewolf go outdoors and use the Summon Wolves interaction which will cause one or more wolves to come to the lot quickly

**If one of your Sim's pets gets into a confrontation with a wolf and does not win the fight, there is a high probability that the pet will run away

**To try and rid your lots of wayward wolves you can have a child ro older Sim use the Chase Off interaction. If your Sim is successful the wolf will run away (with a Daily Relationship hit) but if the interaction fails the wolf will turn tail and chase the Sim who shooed it.

**Wolves can be adopted if your Sim can foster a high enough relationship score, but it is not easy to do.

**An adopted wolf still acts like a wolf behavior and genetically, and if they breed a wolf with another wolf will produce a wolf, but a wolf/dog cross will always produce a dog.

**Adopted wolves often howl at night which will wake all sleeping Sims anywhere on the lot, not like where the tv/phone etc. wakes them only if in the same room. However, sleeping werewolf Sims will not be awakened.

**Wolves can be trained to stop howling with the Scold interaction, which build the Calm behavior.

NOTE: Having a domesticated wolf on your lot increases the chance for a visit from the Leader of the Pack

**The Leader of the Pack is mostly like any regular wolf except for a few things: He has glowing yellow eyes. He cannot be added to your Sim's household, if he develops a relationship with one of your Sims the Nibble interaction becomes available and he can turn your Sim into a werewolf. The same things that attract regular wolves attract the Leader but he can only come after dark.

Becoming a werewolf: Any teen or older Sim can become a werewolf if he/she becomes infected with lycanthropy, which happens two ways: by receiving the Nibble interaction from the Leader of the Pack or by receiving the Savage interaction from another werewolf Sim

NOTE: To keep your Sims from becoming werewolves stay away from the Leader of the Pack, you have to have a substantial relationship (Daily and Lifetime above 50) for the Nibble interaction to become available. The Savage interaction is never free will, so you have to direct a Sim to Savage another, meaning that you can keep your game werewolf free if you wish. There are no townie werewolves.

Being a werewolf: The most significant change that comes about happens after 8:00pm every night. During the day werewolf Sims are totally normal, but once the clock strikes 8pm they will turn into a hairy wolf-like being. The most obvious change is the abundance of fur, but there are several other transformations that lycanthropic Sims go through:

**The Hunger Need will drop to -50 causing the Sim to look for food right away

**Their Energy Need will go full green so they can stay up all night without having to sleep

**The longer a Sim remains a werewolf their Personality will start to lean toward the werewolf tendencies, even when they are not in their wolf-like state (see below for Werewolf Personality Traits)

**As time goes on the werewolf Sim's Body points will increase to maximum skill level

**Werewolf Sims will have the ability to use the Savage interaction with another Sim if their Relationship is high enough, but in turn that will cause the other Sim to become Furious with the werewolf and damages the relationship score significantly.

**You will notice your werewolf Sim has a special loping kind of gait when they walk

**Your Sim will get a special Irritate Social: Grrr! which frightens the receiving Sim so much that they might lose control of their bodily functions and their Fun Need will go down

**Lycanthropic Sims can Howl, which will cause other Sims in the room to lose Comfort and Bladder, possibly peeing their pants and maybe losing Aspiration points if hearing a howl is one of their fears. Sleeping Sims in the room will be awakened and other werewolf Sims on the lot might join your Sim and howl in response.

**Having a werewolf as a pet trainer will significantly change the rate that your pets can learn-they will pick things up 25% faster than with a regular Sim. This percentage goes up higher if the werewolf has Charisma points, so having a werewolf Sim with maximized Charisma is the best possible teacher for your pets in training.

**If a burglary occurs and the werewolf attacks the burglar, all items stolen prior to the attack will go into the werewolve's inventory

**Werewolves cannot change their appearance so they cannot use the Change Appearance action on the mirror, or use the Ug-No-More Makeover Station or Cosmetic Surgery Machine.

**Werewolves can die in all the same ways a regular Sim can, they have no special powers to stay alive.

**A werewolf can also be a vampire and/or zombie (and I think alien too from the chat-although it does not say that in the guide)

**Servo can be transformed into a werewolf

**Werewolves can have children but lycanthropy is not passed on genetically so the kids will be regular Sims.

The Slow Transformation: The longer your Sim remains a werewolf, the more their Personality and Body score will change toward the typical werewolf traits, which are as follows:
Body skill 10 (without having to do any exercising!) and max Personality in Outgoing, Sloppy, Playful, Active and Grouchy

These changes will stay in effect even if the Sim is cured from being a werewolf. For some Sims this will be a good thing and for others, not so much. Some Sims will desire to be cured right away.

NOTE: Getting your werewolf Sim involved in the Athletic, Natural Science, Law Enforcement, Criminal, Military or Show Business careers is a good choice because as their Body skill grows higher and higher they will be very good in those particular fields


There is only one way to transform a werewolf Sim back to normal. You must buy the Lycanthropic-B potion from the Obedience Trainer, or from the Gypsy Matchmaker if you have Nightlife. The potion costs 60 Simoleans and will stop your Sim from transforming into a werewolf every night, but any personality changes that occurred while they were lycanthropic will remain.

Werewolf Interactions:


Who can use it: Teen to Teen or young adult/adult/elder to young adult/adult/elder

When your Sims turns into a werewolf they can Savage (aka bite) any age appropriate Sim and turn them into a werewolf as well, although this interaction is not autonomous. The interaction will be accepted if Sim B's Mood is less than 0 and will always turn the infected Sim into a werewolf. Once a Sim is bitten they will become Furious with the werewolf who bit them and take a big relationship hit. Servos can also be bitten by werewolf Sims.


Who: Leader of the Pack NPC to teen/adult/young adult/elder

Nibble is accepted if Sim B's Mood is less than 0.

PET RELATIONSHIPS Dog Relationships (relevant to wolves too):

Dogs can have two kinds of relationships, Pack and Master

Pack: This is similar to a Friend in a regular Sim's relationship but can only develop with Sim's directly in the pet's household. When a dog, wolf or puppy gets to a Lifetime Relationship of 50 or more and has known the Sim or pet for at least 24 hours will consider that Sim/pet as part of their Pack. Once a Sim has a Pack Relationship with a pet their Fun and Social bars will get more of a boost when they interact with that pet. Pack relationships do not decay naturally as long as the score is above zero, but if it falls below 0 it will decay at the usual rate. Also, if the Lifetime relationship drops below -10 the Pack relationship will disappear.

Master: Once a pet gets to know one of their household Sims very well they will start to consider him or her their Master, just like dogs in the real world. This relationship is similar to the Best Friend distinction with Sims. The first household Sim that gets to 70 in the Lifetime Relationship with the pet, knows them for at least 24 hours and then does one more relationship building social interaction will become that pet's Master, and only one Sim can be a Master to a particular pet. A Sim can be a Master to more than one dog, but dog's can only have one Master.

The good thing about having a Master/pet relationship is that the Daily Relationship's natural decay will not decay at all unless the Daily score drops below 25. And even if the Daily does drop below 25 due to negative interactions, it will go back up faster if the dog and Sim have the Master/dog relationship status.

Dogs can also receive a Friend-of-my-Master bonus where the dog will gain Daily relationship points with a Sim it's Master is interacting with nearby without doing anything. For example, if the Master Sim has a social interaction with Sim B that gains him 4 Daily points, the dig standing faithfully next to his Master will get 2 points as well, even though the dog has not interacted with Sim B at all. The amount of points given/taken will change as the relationship between the Master and Sim B grows or decays.

Master to Sim B Daily Relationship Change compared to Pet to Sim B Relationship Change
7+ = 4
4-6 = 2
1-3 = 1
-1 = -3 - -1
-4 = -6 - -2
-7+ = -4

Additionally, the Master will get an extreme boost to Fun when playing with his dog, much more than with regular or Pack relationship status.

Once a dog has a Master they will be very hard to pull away, even if the dog achieves a higher relationship with another Sim. The first Sim to become a dog's Master will remain their Master unless the relationship goes below -80. When a dog loses his or her Master they will often run away, even if the Master has died.

TIP: If you want to purposely break a Master relationship with a dog used the Yell At interaction repeatedly until the score falls below -80

Instead of Friend and Best Friend, cats have a nonexclusive signature relationship called "Mine"


Cats tend to think that THEY are the owners rather than the Sims owning them and would never deign to think someone else was their "Master". Cats also lack the collective mentality of dogs that ends up generating a Pack Relationship (although dogs will sometimes consider cats to be part of their pack).

So cats have something else, termed the Mine Relationship, where they claim a Sim or another pet as their very own. This status will be assigned to any Sim in the household who has a relationship of 60 Lifetime or higher with the cat and has known the cat at least 24 hours.

Any pet or Sim that a cat has claimed as "Mine" will get special treatment from the cat. The cat will be less likely to reject social interactions from a Mine Relationship even if their Mood is low enouigh that they would normally not accept the interaction. Cats are also more likely to seek out interactions with people they have Mine Relationships with, favoring Sims or pets they know well rather than ones they don't.

The other bonus of having a Mine Relationship with a cat is that the Daily Relationship will not decay as long as it remains above 15. If the Daily does fall below 15 from negative interactions it will go back up to 15 much faster than normal..

**Pets can have Enemies

**Pets can get Furious at another pet

**Pets have Family relationships

**Non-household pets can be a Sim's "pet friend" if their Daily Relationship is higher than 50



**Two new dining chairs, including one that looks very space age and appears to be part of a collection of kids furniture-like the race car set but space age
**One living chair
**One new recliner
**One new sofa and one new loveseat that match
**Two new beds-a kid's space age one and a new double bed
**One new bench with a pet design on it and a new barstool


**One new counter that includes the island and the counter, very sleek and modern looking
**One new dining table, glass top with metal base, round
**Two new end tables-the space age kid's nightstand and a very modern looking angular one
**One new coffee table-glass top
**One new desk to match the kid's space age stuff


**Three new plants; a pot of roses, a mixed flower planter box and a round planter with posies
**Ten new sculptures, mostly relating to pets, but several that match the kid's space age stuff. Includes a toy robot and spaceship but they are not usable, a space age mobile thing that hangs from the ceiling, a falcon sculpture, white sculptures of a cat, a dog and a fire hydrant, a stuffed looking cat and an aqueduct sculpture.
**Twenty new wall hangings, many of them pet related, and one to match the kid's space age stuff. There is a cute one of a badger that comes in male and female versions, pet posters, a wall hanging for "Johnny Gnome", a decorative only leash rack, bird paintings, a cool gargoyle and more.
**One new mirror, that is actually more like a sculpture with a bunch of little mirrors arranged on a post type thing
**Four new rugs, including one for the space age kid's room, a bone shaped one, one with paw prints and a modern looking one
**Four new signs, one that looks like it is for a dog park and seems to mean pick up your dog poo and keep your pet on a leash, a Beware of Pet sign, a sign that looks like it means cat crossing but is called "Pet Sculpture Solution" and a pet store sign that looks like a big paw print
**A new fish tank that is designed to look like saltwater, it notes that it functions just like the other existing aquarium and that cats, especially Aggressive ones, will like to spend time watching the fish


**One new sink, the type that goes into a counter

**A new tv set, it says it works like all other tv's but it looks kind of futuristic
**Two new telephones, silver looking and looks like one is for the wall and one for a desk/table etc.
**A cool looking new clock that has a small round face and then spikes sticking out of it that have balls on the end-might go with the kid's space age stuff


**Two new table lamps, one matching the kid's space age set
**Two new floor lamps, both space age looking
**One new wall lamp
**Two new ceiling lamps, both space age looking
**One outdoor lamp, the kind that sit on the ground and are more like a footlight type thing
**A new torch, a stick with a white paper shade


**Four new wardrobe pieces; a dresser and armoire for the kid's space age stuff, and a modern looking dresser and armoire from a collection called Atomic
**A toy box that matches the kid's space age stuff
**A new bar


**Kitty Kraze Katnip: a cat toy that Hyper cats will be especially attracted to. After the cat plays with it for awhile they start getting all crazy chasing their own tails, batting at imaginary flies, making yowling noises and getting all jittery like a Sim who drank too much espresso. Provides Fun and decreases Energy. Can be used to Praise/Scold toward Playful/Hostile. The toy wears out eventually and turns into a trash pile that needs to be cleaned up.

**Good Value Pet Bowl: Pets who use the same bowl often can build ownership with it and then challenge other pets who try and use the same bowl (does not apply to puppies and kittens). If a particular Sim tends to always feed a pet, the pet will look to that Sim as a "give of food" and seek them out to ask for food when the dish is empty. Finicky pets will not like using this bowl because it is the cheapest option.


Fill: It costs $10 to fill the dish. You can direct your Sim to fill it or they will do it automatically if a pet asks them to.

Call to Eat: Asks a certain pet to come and eat. If that pet is trained in the Come command it will always show up when summoned, without the learned command they may reject the social but there will be no loss to the relationship score. This interaction can help your Sim pets avoid confrontations and fighting over food bowls since you can tell which one to eat from which bowl.

Eat: Cats, dogs, puppies and kittens will all eat from bowls when they are hungry. Pets with the Finicky and Normal traits will eat until they are full but Pigpen traited pets might keep eating well after their Hunger bar is full, which can sometimes make the pet throw up leaving a mess for your sim to clean up. The bowl can get dirty and Finicky pets will not eat from it until it is cleaned unless their Hunger drops below -75. You can praise/scold your pet to help train them in the Eats Pet Food/Eats Sim Food behavior.

Eat (Toddler): You can direct a Sim toddler to eat from a pet bowl, and they may do it on their own. Eating from the pet dish fills Hunger an Fun but will make the Hygiene bar go down.

Clean: With use, the pet dish will eventually become dirty. If your Sim cleans it they will earn Cleaning skill. Once the bowl becomes filthy it will attract flies and emit green smoke just like the Sim dishes do, lowering Environment score and making Normal and finicky pets refuse to eat from it. Pigpen pets will eat from a filthy bowl, and it does not make them sick. If there is food in the dish when you go to clean it, that food will be wasted. Servos and maids will clean pet bowls as part of their chores.

**The Dirt Pile: Not essentially an object, but definitely something your Sim pets can interact with. Dogs make this all on their own by digging a hole in the yard. It will provide your dog with hours of Fun! The size of the dirt pile depends on how large the hole your dog dug is, and a small dirt pile will attract dogs to dig a bigger hole thereby creating a larger, and better dirt pile. Sims will find the piles of dirt bothersome and although they will earn Cleaning skill by filling them in, their Hygiene will take a hit in the process. Environment score will be lowered until the hole is filled in.
**The Chewinator by ChompCo: A rubber bone chew toy that provides Fun and Chew Need satisfaction. You can praise/scold your dog to encourage Respectful/Destructive behavior.

**Feline Birdie Stick: A wall mounted thing with a birdie on a spring that cats can bat at. This is the only toy kittens can play with, although since they have no Fun bar they don't really need toys.

Has two interactions, Play With and Watch. Play With lets your Sims bat at the toy which fills Fun and uses a little Energy. Hyper cats are more attracted to this toy than Lazy or Normal cats. If the toy is played near a Sim who is sleeping the noise will wake them up. Ownership can be built up on this toy, allowing cats to challenge others when they try and play with it (although this does not apply to kittens). You can Praise/Scold to build Playful/Hostile behavior.

Watch: Sims can watch cats and kittens play with this toy and will point and laugh at them adding Fun and if they are in a group situation, add Social as well. Other cats can also gain fun by watching.

**Scientifically Superior Pet Dish: Almost identical to the Good Value Pet Bowl but will fill Hunger faster and be more attractive to Finicky pets.

**Scratch-O-Matic Scratching post: Cats can scratch it and it will fill a cat's Scratch Need and they can be praised/scolded to build Respectful/Destructive behavior.

**Affluent Animal Dinner Dish: Almost the same as the other two pet bowls, but fills Hunger faster and appeals to Finicky pets more

**Mentionable Plastic Litter Box:


Use: Cats and kittens who go into the litter box will have their Bladder Need refilled. The box will become dirty after it has been used a few times and will lower Environment score. If it is not cleaned it will get "super dirty" attracting flies and emitting green stink smoke. Finicky cats will not want to use a dirty litter box and will refuse to use a super dirty one. Normal cats will not want to use a super dirty box and will probably go elsewhere. Pigpen cats are the only ones who will use a super dirty litter box. If the litter box is not usable to the pet they will go somewhere else, outdoors or in, depending on their Housebroken/Yardbroken training which can be reinforced by praising and scolding for litter box use/non-use.

Clean: Maids and Servos will clean a dirty litter box automatically and you can direct your Sim to do so as well. They will gain Cleaning skill and take a Hygiene hot. Pregnant Sim s will not be allowed to clean the litter box (cool realistic touch!)

Munch Out: On occasion, a Pigpen dog who is Hungry may actually choose to eat out of a super dirty litter box. It will help their Hunger, but hurt their Hygiene and might make them puke.

**Comfy Pet Pillow: Price $160, Skill Cleaning, Need Effects Comfort 4, Energy 6, Hygiene -5 (Clean). Make sure you place this correctly, if the wrong side is toward the wall it will be unusable, it is pretty hard to tell which side is right though so make sure you look at the green arrows when you place these an make sure they are facing out from the wall or other things that might block the area.

Relax: Pets will use pet beds to fill their Comfort rather than sleeping on the floor. You can praise/scold your pet to reinforce Stays off the furniture/Goes on Furniture behaviors.

Sleep: Can be used to fill up Energy and Comfort bars, and be used to praise/scold to build the Stays Off Sim Beds/Goes on Sim Beds behavior.

Clean: After it has been used several times the pet pillow will become soiled and attract flies and emit a green stink cloud, bringing down surrounding Environment score and making some pets refuse to use it. Your Sims can clean the bed which will earn them Cleaning skill and make the bed available for finicky pets. Your Sims will lose a bit of Hygiene after cleaning it though. Maids and Servos will automatically clean dirty pet beds.

**Cat-Crazy-Pet-Display: This display will have different functions depending on whether you have Open For Business installed or not and this display cannot be used on residential lots.

NOTE: Without OFB installed, when the display is placed it will fill with random pets of the case's listed breed, and these pets will have no behaviors or commands learned. Every display on the lot will have a different breed so there will be no duplication and a variety to choose from if you put more than one display out. (This does not make sense to me...I thought you got to choose everything when you clicked on a display to buy a pet? Or maybe you just get to pick the customization to a breed? Read the Purchase interaction below. Hmmm.)


Browse: Can happen by directing your Sim or autonomously. Sims can gain Fun by watching the pets in the display.

Purchase: You can direct your Sim to buy a pet and townies and other lot visitors will purchase pets on their own as well. If there is no room for a pet in the household the purchase will be rejected. If there is room in the house a mini-version of Create-a-Pet will come up and let your Sim design the pet they want from either species no matter what the display case has listed for sale (this seems to contradict both the NOTE above and the Change Breed interaction listed below with the OFB version-I am pretty sure ). The finished pet will show up next to your Sim and the cost of the pet will be removed from your Sim's funds automatically. When your Sim goes to leave the lot the pet will follow. If the Sim buying the pet is a townie or uncontrollable Sim the pet is put into a bag (lol) and the Sim will pay for it at the nearest register. A new random pet will show up in the display case by the species listed (?). Townies will not keep their pets, it will be an imaginary transaction. However, autonomous playable Sims who buy pets on a community lot will have the option to keep their purchased pet. The next time you visit that Sim's household a box will pop up asking if you want to keep the pet or not, but you will not have the option to design the pet, you have to keep what you were given.

Interactions WITH Open for Business:
Browse: Autonomous Sims will look at the display with the usual Buy bar and can have regular Sales social used on them.

Purchase: Autonomous or controllable Sims can interact with displays as long as they are stocked with a pet. The Purchase process is just like the one listed above in the non-OFB Purchase interaction.

Set Price: The owner of the business can set the price level for any pet in their business display cases.

Change Breed: This allows business owners to choose from randomly selected ready made pets to choose the breed that will show up in the display and that autonomous Sims will get when they buy. (contradicts the NOTE above?)

Restock: If a Sim buys a pet from a display bin, it can be restocked by the owner with the breed listed on the case.

**Doggonit Pet Display: Identical to the Cat-CrazyPet-Display above, but display pets will be large and small dogs instead of cats. Controllable Sims can buy any species of pet from this bin but autonomous ones can only buy the species and breed on display.

***FMCU 3000: Womrat cage


Stock: Child or older Sims can buy a womrat for a cleaned, empty cage, price is $70.

Play With: Sims that are at least Child age can pick up and play with a womrat to raise Fun and Social, but if the pet is in a bad mood from lack of food or a messy cage it might bite the Sim.

Fill Food Dish: You can direct your Sim to fill the food dish at a cost of $10. Make sure to keep your pet wheel fed because they are more likely to bite when hungry, which is not much Fun for your Sims. When womrats are hungry they will squeak, climb into their empty food dish and up their water bottle and food "scream" thought bubbles will pop up. If you still don't have your Sim feed the womrat it will eventually die. You must direct your Sim to feed the womrats, they will not do so autonomously.

Clean Cage: After awhile the cage will become dirty and attract flies and emit green smoke, lowering nearby Environment score. A dirty cage will also lower your womrat's Mood making it more likely to bite. When your Sim finishes cleaning the cage, the Environment score will return to normal, the pet will be in a better mood and your Sim will gain some Cleaning skill.

Watch: Sims or other household pets can get Fun from watching a stocked womrat cage. Cats and dogs are more inclined to watch womrats if they have a low Hunger bar and Aggressive pets will watch for longer periods of time. If an Aggressive pet is watching it may hiss/bark/growl at the womrat which could cause it to die from fright. Your Sims can praise/scold watching the cage to teach the Playful/Hostile behavior.

Set Free: Your Sim can release the pet to the "bittersweet freedom of the suburban jungle"

Mourn the Loss: Sims can cry over a dearly departed womrat.

TIP: There is no more rodent plague (aka Guinea Pig Disease from Sims 1) so even if your Sim is bitten they will not become ill.

**The Basket Experience: Price $270, Skill Cleaning, Need Effects Comfort 5, Energy 7, Hygiene -5 (Clean) This is another pet bed and functions the same as the Comfy Pet Pillow
**Pets' Desires House: Price $300, Skill Cleaning, Need Effects Comfort 4, Energy 6, Hygiene -5 (Clean) A pet house is the only place where dogs and cats can breed and become pregnant with puppies/kittens by using the Sim-to-pet Try for Puppy/Kitten With... interaction on a pet (not the house itself). If there is no pet house on the lot the interaction will not be available.


Relax: Can be used instead of the Floor to fill Comfort. You can praise/scold to reinforce the Stays Off Sim Bed/Goes on Sim Beds behavior.

Sleep: Can be used by pets to fill Energy and Comfort and can be praised/scolded to reinforce Stays Off Sim Bed/Goes on Sim Beds behavior

Clean: After it has been used several times the pet house will become soiled and attract flies and emit a green stink cloud, bringing down surrounding Environment score and making some pets, mainly Finicky, refuse to use it. Your Sims can clean the house which will earn them Cleaning skill and make it available for finicky pets. Your Sims will lose a bit of Hygiene after cleaning it though. Maids and Servos will automatically clean dirty pet homes

**The Comfy Critter Pallet: Price $375, Skill Cleaning, Need Effects Comfort 6, Energy 8, Hygiene -5 (Clean)

Functions identically to the Comfy Pet Pillow

**Los Gatos Condominiums: A giant cat climbing thing with four levels, can be used by up to 8 cats at one time. This cannot be used by kittens.

Level four: Small platform at the very top, can be used for Survey or Sleep only
Level three: Medium platform that has a roped scratching area on the post
Level two: Large platform with roped scratching area on post
Level one: Has an enclosed space at the bottom that can only be used to Sleep. If the post is not positioned against the wall there are also two scratching places on the back vertical posts that can be used by two cats per post at one time


Scratch: Any of the four available scratching areas can be used by a cat to fill their Scratch Need. Hyper cats will be most likely to use this part of the condo. You can praise/scold cats to reinforce Respectful/Destructive behavior

Sleep: There are three available platforms for cats to sleep on, filling Comfort and Energy at the level of the mid-range pet beds and houses. Cowardly cats will want to sleep in the enclosed bottom level and Lazy cats will be most attracted to sleep on the condo.

Survey: From the top three platforms cats can relax and check out the view satisfying Comfort and Fun

TIP: This is a great purchase for multi-cat families. Unlike pet beds and houses, four cats can always sleep on it, there is no ownership challenges and does not require cleaning. However, only a pet house can be used to use the Try for Puppies/Kittens interaction.

NOTE: Unlike the regular scratching post, this object can not have ownership by any cat.

Her slutter min kopi altså, jeg får ikke tid til at oversætte alt det, men hvis andre skulle få den ubændige lyst er de da velkomne.
Jeg åbner hermed tråden, hvis nogen skulle få lyst til at få oversat nogle enkle passager, så vil jeg da gerne være behjælpelig med det.
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Det ser desværre ud til at EA har fjernet tråden med Guiden i så den ikke mere kan læses, så de link jeg har lagt ind virker ikke mere, men linket til historien er der endnu: ... _id=120715

Så var det jo ærgeligt at jeg ikke fik gemt hele tråden, så vi kunne slå op herinde når der var noget vi ville vide, men det meste står her da. ÆV.
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Øv øv øv.. nåede heldigvis at læse den :D
*Indsæt genial tekst her*
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Indlægaf Frillen » 19. okt 2006, 12:46

Jamen det som står her er da også meget godt Annbirtha, tak for det :D
NB: Alle Sims2You downloads fungerer 112% sammen med andesteg og risengrød
Min EA Sims2-side: ... _id=126444

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